Being tough is more than just doing sports that are for boys. To be in the figure skating world, you have to be tough. And not just tough, you have to be really tough. You have to be very sure of yourself and your abilites. Figure skating is a beautiful and graceful jumps on the outside, but on the inside its a burtal sport. Competitive figure skating requries all that you have. Like gymastics, many of the figure skaters you watch on TV have sacificed almost everything they have to be good. Most of them don't have very many friends cause they don't have time.You might think that you could make friends with other skaters but you really can't. Figure skaters can be really mean and competitive and I speak from experince. I'm not saying that all figure skaters are mean, but there are some really rotten ones out there. Being a good figure skater requres you to have a lot of talent, being very flexible, and being able to push through the pain of injurys of all types. This is what being tough means to me. Being confident in yourself and being Pretty tough.

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Comment by Alex on September 15, 2012 at 6:15pm

What are your tips for overcoming mean competitors? I try and ignore the competition but sometimes it gets to the point where I can't deal. 

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