What do you if your shins hurt after you run and the day after? Please, my shins are killing me.

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Rest and ice may help. In the future, make sure you're wearing the right shoes and try adding some strength training to your workout. Also check in with the trainer at your school.

What do you mean by strenght training?

Do you have a trainer at school that can show you some exercises to strengthen the muscles in your lower leg? If not, there are lots of good online resources for preventing and dealing with shin splints.

Actually, I'm homeschooled, which means I do school at home. So I don't have a trainer at school.

So now what?

Here are some good online resources for strength training and prevention




If the pain persists, you should go see your doctor

Thank you so much. It will definatley help.

Sounds like shin splints which can happen for a variety of reasons.
1) Check your running form. You should land on the ball of your foot not running heel to toe like we walk (this is the most common cause).
2) check your shoes. Are they worn out? Are they providing enough support? You may need more arch support which you can get from insoles or orthotics.
3) strengthen your shin & calf muscles and also stretch them to make sure they maintain flexibility.

It's easier to avoid shin splints than to get rid of them. I advise you do the steps above and use ice massage and stretching to help.

Good luck!


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